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Updated 2022-06-24

In the shop right now

2022-04-20 We’ve uppdated the webshop with some new pairs of singel row Mini wool combs.

2022-03-31  It’s spring, or so it would be if we haven’t got snow the other night and when the snow disappears the nights are still very cold. What then can be better than working with wool. We still have some pairs of our Midi wool combs in stock. We intensly work to produce  more wooll combs of all our different sorts.

2022-03-19 Some pairs of Midi wool combs is now avaliable.

2022-02-17 A new batch of Maxi wool combs decreases rapidly. Unfortunately, we are not able to manufacture as fast as we sell our wool combs. We always try to keep some variant available, but the demand in Sweden and the rest of Europe is large. Have patience. We do the best we can. After a long wait, we have Turkish spindles in the store again. This time it’s  our largest Turkish spindle, weighing about 35 grams (1.23 oz), that is available.

2022-01-07  A new year and new opportunities.  Now we start again after a a few days off and after another peculiar year. From a few saturdays with the store open for visitors, we go back to open up the shop on demand and with restrictions.

2021-12-28 We don’t send any new orders before January 2022. Postnord adjust their prices and we have to do the same. In most cases there is no difference to 2021.

2021-12-22 We wish all customers and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2021 -12-18 Some Maxi Wool Combs with holder in the shop ready for shipping. We can’t say your  order will arrive before Christmas but we’ll send it as soon as possible.

2021-12-06 Our shop is open for customers in Sweden dec 11 and dec 18  between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm. For you who are fully vaccinated and totaly healthy.

2021-11-13 A few new pairs of Midi woolcombs are avaliable in the shop. We proceed with making Maxi wool-combs.

2021-10-28 Updated the information for our swedish customers. Only in swedish.

2021-09-30 New! The carving knife has been busy. Some rigid heddles, carved by hand, in alder, linden and willow  are now placed on the shops shelf for band accessories. You find them in the band part.

2021-08-31 The first pairs of our newly manufactured Midicombs are now ready for delivery.

2021-07-26 Some Wool Combs MiniMidi with combholder avaliable for you who want to comb wool with fine fibers

2021-07-04 We have added some Singel Row Mini Combs. You will find them here.

2021-06-26 Midsommar! Denna underbara tid på året att njuta av, samtidigt som vanligt arbete måste äga rum på gården. Vår produktion tar lite mer tid och för dig som väntar på att hyllorna skall fyllas på , kan förseningen vara frustrerande. Men håll ut! Vi planerar också för att kunna välkomna besökare till den kombinerade ateljén / butiken. Om pandemin minskar och du är fullt vaccinerad och utan några sjukdomssymptom, är du välkommen, men bara ett fåtal i taget och efter att du har bokat besöket. Njut av sommartiden och håll utkik efter ändringar på vår hemsida.

2021-05-10 New band knifes for You who weaves bands.

2021-05-05 I’m happy to announce that we now have some new made Inkle looms for sale.

2021-05-02 We added some more wool-combs Maxi. No we will continue to make new Inkle looms.

2021-04-19  More Niddy Noddies, this time it is Niddy Noddy with double purpose, for both big and small skeins. You find  them here.

2021-04-14 We have added more Wool combs Maxi to the shop. We have also some new Niddy Noddies  for skeins  150 cm (1.65 yards). 

2021-04-05  After a slow start to our working-year, after our update of studio and shop, there are some new sets of our Wool-comb Maxi avaliable. As usual  “ First come first served...” More combs to come.